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The anatomy of a hamster and each body part has specific purpose that helps it perform its day-to-day functions. Understanding and observing these features should help you provide better care for your little pets. The cheeks are one of the most unique parts of hamster anatomy.

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Is your hamster scratching himself? Or is he just grooming himself and it just looks odd? We humans scratch too, sometimes without a serious medical reason.

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Castrating Dogs. Spaying Bitches. Types of Cancer. Canine Parvovirus.

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This continuation of the Hamster Health Center includes hamster illnesses and injuries beginning with the letters I through Z. The links in the list below take you to any of the hamster illnesses or injuries to learn all about hamster health. An itchy hamster will scratch and even damage its skin self-trauma.

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A Hairless Syrian is born completely devoid of hair. This is due to a genetic mutation that effects the epidermis the layer of skin where the hair follicles are. Some Hairless may have very stubby, curly white whiskers, but often lose these as they mature.

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Hamsters are fairly hardy pets, but they are so small that when injuries and illnesses occur things can become serious quickly. It's helpful to know the most common signs of illness so you can jump on the problem as rapidly as possible. Often it's possible to address an illness or injury before it becomes life-threatening.

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Home Categories Free Sex Chat. Hamster skin ti skin mature Adult Long hairstyles for mature men Cum free mature shot woman Posted 23 May - These can look like a skin disease as they can appear greasy or bald and if the animal has been grooming the scent into its coat it may look wet.

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The golden or Syrian hamster Mesocricetus auratus is a rodent belonging to the hamster subfamilyCricetinae. Their numbers have been declining in the wild due to a loss of habitat from agriculture and deliberate elimination by humans. However, captive breeding programs are well-established, and captive-bred golden hamsters are often kept as small house pets.


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