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The 3-year-old son of a missing North Carolina teacher told investigators that he hadn't seen his mother since her boyfriend "kicked mommy's butt and made her cry," it was reported Monday. Smith told investigators that he had an argument with Tanner when she was drunk before she left the apartment carrying a bag, according to warrants obtained by the news station. But the case turned into a homicide investigation after cops talked to Tanner's son, who said his mother was attacked.

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I grew up in a family that believed in spanking as a form of discipline. That was just part of the culture of our neighborhood. When I visited my family down south in the country, I would watch as cousins grabbed their own switch off the tree and handed it to their parent to get whooped.

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I felt like I had completely failed as a parent. It hurt me not only because I had caused my child pain, but because I knew I had opened a floodgate I should have left shut. Once I had used corporal punishment, it seemed like there was no going back.

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Created to Need a Help Meet. To Train Up a Child. Created to Be His Help Meet.

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Parents get physical with unruly children far more in public than they do when they know psychologists or other researchers are looking, a new study finds. In an experiment that involved surreptitiously watching parents discipline their kids in public places such as restaurants, researchers found that in 23 percent of cases, mom or dad resorted to "negative touch" to get their child to comply. Negative touch can include anything from restraining and spanking to pinching and hitting.

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Liza Campero filmed her brother's antics in a series of now viral tweets as her furious mother intercepted the boy and spanked him with a belt near oncoming traffic. Campero told KTRK that her brother disconnected the WiFi from the house last Friday and then shut off the security cameras so his mom couldn't see what he was doing. Once it was done, Campero said he grabbed the keys drove off to see his best friend.

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Her reaction was what you could imagine it would be. It was emotional, but it involved her getting very physical with him. It's very easy to sit there and wag our fingers at this worried mother miles away when your kid's school wasn't canceled due to protest.

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After spanking the kids with a belt, she was taken to jail and her other children removed from her home. In fact, she stressed that they see her going to work every day as a chef and she has them in magnet schools and on the honor roll. Spears admitted to opening up a can of Whoop Butt on the kids.

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How you discipline your kids is a personal choice. Some moms use time-outs, others use strong words and stern conversations, but for many, spanking is a controversial choice. The mom shared that she originally grew up in Prague and it was completely normal for parents to spank their children.


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