Jul 23

Decorative Lighting And Disco Furniture

If you are in the market for disco furniture, you will have a lot to pick from. Disco lighting is utilized in a lot of various techniques such as disco balls that might be placed on the table as a decorative lighting centerpiece. They are also hung from the ceiling to give out a colourful lighting effect inside the place. They might be placed on any table or even place such as coffee table, counter-top and other areas throughout your residence. You will come across other varieties of disco furniture such as chairs used in the seventies that had their own distinctive style. There are a lot of types of disco chairs that are made to look like the original chairs during the seventies. These chairs are well-known and might be located in a lot of shops and websites for a greater selection of designs and types.
It is possible to also discover a variety of disco stools and tables that were quite common years ago. The tables had metallic legs with a black, white or red tabletop. They had a basic design that attracted a lot of people to buy these tables. There were matching chairs to go with the table as a set. The disco stools had distinctive rounded seat designs with a chrome finish. Disco furniture was found in nightclubs such as chairs, stools, lighting of all types, sofas, wall decor in a lot of distinctive kinds to add color and light to the wall areas. Most disco walls decor had a reflective appearance. Disco furnishings are bright colourful and an exciting way to tweak the appearance of a residence.
Disco furnishings are a fun way to beautify your residence or use in one particular room of your residence. Little ones love disco furnishings and

Jul 23

Clock Up Some Great Design Pieces For Your Home

The great thing about the clock is that it has the capability to be so much more. Here are some examples of fantastic clocks that do more than just tell you that its time for work, dinner or bed.

The Work of Art Clock

Some clocks have such a fabulous design that they are more like works of art than a simple clock. Karlsson do an amazing range of clocks that also double as works of art, such as the Magic Fairytale Clock in polished mirror steel. This whimsical, playful design would look perfect with a wonderland scheme, and would also go great in a childs bedroom.

The Karlsson DIY Cubic Clock is a more modern concept, which encourages you to come up with your own design. Consisting of 12 multi-coloured magnetic blocks that can be moved around at whim, this is a fun clock for a bright, modern and playful scheme. This DIY Clock design also comes in silver, white and black, so theres a Karlsson Cubic Clock for every colour scheme.

King of the fun clock Karlsson also offers a DIY wall clock with giant numbers, a Pictogram Rainbow Wall Clock, a leaf design clock, a DIY Multi Circle Clock and a Falling Numbers Wall Clock. All Karlsson designs discourage passivity and encourage creativity, making them great interactive yet functional pieces of art for the home.

The Photo Frame Clock

A great way to combine two home essentials, the photo frame clock is also another way to express yourself creatively. Whether you go for the Karlsson Photo Frame Wall Clock or the Karlsson Passe Partout Clock you can choose a colour to suit your dcor and then set about filling the frames with photos, pictures, cards or anything that your heart desires.

Should you wish to change your

Jul 19

Interior Decorating Idea – Do Colors Have To Match Perfectly In Every Room

Did you grow up with the interior decorating idea that colors had to match? Whether that idea was in reference to colors in home decor, shoes/purses, makeup, or any number of other areas of our lives, everything had to match! That thought is not as prevalent today but still merits attention especially as your home decorating idea begins to develop.

You might say that color is an imperfect science. If you don’t believe me, try looking through a paint sample display for that perfect color. Remember, the lighting in the store is much different than the lighting in your home which also changes with the weather conditions and the time of the day and year.

Let’s look at the pros for matching colors in your interior decorating idea:

* You have a favorite color
* Your favorite color makes a statement and you want lots of it
* You don’t want to make so many decisionsyou know what color you like and stick to it
* You love the challenge of perfectly matching colors
* Matching colors is second nature to you and you don’t want to change

Now, let’s look at the cons for matching colors in your interior decorating idea:

* It’s difficult to match color because of texture
* It’s difficult to match color because of light
* You want to incorporate several colors in your decorating plans
* You like the challenge of mixing and matching colors
* There is more flexibility and freedom to change your home decor over time

Consider a middle of the road approach to your interior decorating idea:

The middle of the road approach includes coordinating and grouping colors as well as paying attention to lighter and darker shades and tones. Putting three

Jul 19

Nursery decor should flow with the rest of the home

One of the tasks of soon-to-be parents is to make sure they have an area for their tot to sleep in.

Not only should this space be highly practical, but is also helps if it looks good, it has been suggested.

Writing on ShelterPop, Sara Brown claimed that nursery decor should fit in with the rest of the property.

She stated: “It’s a good idea to design a baby room that flows with the rest of the home’s decor.”

This is particularly the case when such a room has to invade other areas due to a lack of space, she added.

Ms Brown made her comments in reference to the example of Sherry and John Petersik, who had to convert their dining room into a space for their baby to sleep in.

The pair, who are now known for their tips on nursery decor and other such topics, decided to keep a blog about their own experiences in order to reduce the sense of frustration they had.

Ms Petersik noted that it is important not to have too many baby gifts and items in the space as there would be no room for the infant itself if this is the case.

However, small items such as snow globes may make a welcome addition, serving as objects of beauty and entertainment.

The DIY enthusiast added that it helps to have a “stash spot”. In other words, if every item has a place in which it can be kept, it is easier to keep to the home looking clean and tidy.

Meanwhile, commenting on the couple’s decision to keep a written record of their trials and tribulations concerning home decoration, Ms Petersik stated: “We were putting in so much hard work and

Jul 18

Wedding Decor Mumbai, Decor Mumbai, Wedding Reception Decorators Mumbai, National Decor Mumbai, Flow

Flower Deck is a florist company based in Mumbai providing quality services for wedding decoration in Mumbai. We mainly focus in fresh flower decorations and idea based wedding decorations in Mumbai.

A wedding or any other function is an occasion for you to meet up with friends, relatives and have a great time with your loved ones. By undertaking your wedding decor Mumbai services, we do all the hard work for you and you can go to the lead and enjoy a special event.

Our team of professionals also specializes in Wedding Doli Decoration Mumbai, Wedding Car Decoration Mumbai, Backdrop creation or any other type of wedding decoration services you wish for your function.

Flower Deck, one of the renowned wedding decorators in Mumbai has been in the business of wedding decoration for some time now. We have the necessary understanding needed to make sure that your wedding day is worry free. We will work with you to guarantee that we have taken your requirements into account to create the most excellent wedding decoration possible. We can provide wedding decoration in Mumbai for functions that are held internal as well as decorations for open ground weddings.

As a renowned wedding decorator in Mumbai, with its team of professionals we take immense pleasure in celebrating functions differently with style and grace alongside fresh concepts, modern ideas, highly structured planning, awareness to minute details and ideal implementation of every function is our strength.
Preparation for a wedding is fun and is a special event for the bride and groom-to-be. One important detail that needs to be tended to about any wedding is that of wedding decorations. Whatever you may need- from close to extravagant, traditional to surprising, our professionals are at your service. They put in their finest efforts to form

Jul 17

Ward Bennett Furniture Let Your Home Boast Of Understated Luxury

If elaborate furniture designs do not catch your fancy, you must buy mid century furniture by Ward Bennett. The clean lines and minimalism of his retro style furniture would impart a contemporary, understated luxury to your home.

For those of you who do not know, Ward Bennett is a New York based retro furniture designer. His furniture designs exhibit unique subtlety and richness that give them a timeless appeal.

Although inconspicuous, Ward Bennetts furniture designs left a great impression on other mid century furniture designers who followed his superior style and furniture designs. Perhaps, this is the reason why he is called designers designer.

As well as designing mid century furniture for Brickel Associates, Ward Bennett designed glassware for Tiffany and Sasaki, lighting for Gitlin, and metalwork for Tiffany and Supreme Cutlery. He also designed houses for famous personalities.

Taking the case of retro style furniture, Ward Bennett designed chairs, tables, and sofas for both homes and offices. You would be surprised to find a wide range of chairs by Ward Bennett in different materials, colors, and designs.

For instance, there is a pair of bleached oak curved arm chairs by Ward Bennett, Ward Bennett lounge chairs, Pair of Ward Bennett Oak And Cane Arm Chairs, Ward Bennett Desk Chair, Pair of Club Chairs Ward Bennett, Pair of curved tufted leather sofas by Ward Bennett, Bennett Club Chairs In Walnut & Mohair, High back leather and bronze desk chairs by Ward Bennett, Tub Chair by Ward Bennett, Sensuous Leopard Armchairs Ward Bennett, Scissors Chair by Ward Bennett, Early Sled Chair by Ward Bennett, and much more.

Then there are leather and fruitwood coffee tables by Ward Bennett, I-Beam Side Table by Ward Bennett, Ward Bennett Side Table, and modern coffee table by Ward Bennett. All

Jul 14

Decorating Tin Cans

Empty tin cans can be great for storing various small household items in them anything from nails to paperclips, to rubber bands, to pencils. They are great for storing products as well. They make great and cheap flower pots too; you just need to put a hole or two on the bottom to help drain the excess water. Paint them any color you like, match them to your interior; go wild! A flower pot like this won’t break if a cat topples it over, but it will rust over time. Therefore, make sure you put it on a surface where rust can’t do much damage.

Another use for tin cans is making wind chimes out of them. It might not be as sleek as the commercial ones, but here is the beauty of them: you can paint on them or glue pictures on them for some great personalized look. That way, you will get something no one else can have! You can vary the can sizes and arrange them in clusters for some original and creative designs. The possibilities are infinite.

Tin cans can easily be transformed into beautiful candle holders. Punch holes along the sides creating different patterns and it will create lovely light shows once the light from the candle inside it shines through the holes. Alternatively, the effect can be increased by cutting bits and pieces out of the can for bigger artistic ensembles. That way, the plain and bulky tin can transforms into a flimsy masterpiece of a flower garden or a magnificent fairy tale castle at no extra cost. Don’t paint or glue anything onto the cans because the tin will heat up from the flame, which might cause unwanted reaction.

Tin can construction can become your new creative lighting

Jul 13

How Dustbin Cleaning Can Help Keep Your Home Sparkling

All of us all around the world like staying in a house that is neat, clean, and hygienic. A clean home does not only speak about good tastes and habits, but also promises you and your family with the security of health. So, how can you ensure that the cleanliness and hygiene of your house is monitored and maintained regularly? Cleaning the dustbin and making sure that all the dustbins in your house are washed regularly by disinfectants, can ensure that your home remains clean and free from germs of all kinds.

So, exactly why is cleaning the dustbin important? House flies and many other insects, that can be said to be forms of carriers of germs, are attracted by any spill, or even by the smell of the stale food in your dustbin. This can create an amalgamation of germs, which in turn spreads from the corner of your garbage to the entire room and later, to the entire house. Besides causing severe symptoms of indigestion as well as other related diseases, they can often be the cause of the spread of epidemics all around your neighbourhood. This indicates that cleaning your bin can not only ensure that your home remains sparkling clean, but also shows that you are being a good citizen by helping to ensure that your neighbourhood is as free of germs as possible.

An unclean bin can cause foul odours, which can be both the cause of creating an unpleasant, as well as unhygienic environment in your home. Besides, a dirty dustbin with garbage spilling out of it is definitely an eye sore and something that you would definitely not wish the guests in your home to see.

Dustbin cleaning, though tedious and hardly anybody’s dream job, can be removed of its horrors by maintaining

Jul 10

Takkrona Light Your Home With Bright Chandelier Light

If it is a decorative light then it has to be a ceiling mounted lamp. If you are looking for designer lamp for your living room then you have no option other than to buy one from the bestselling ceiling mounted lights. Explore your options carefully and also keep some factors in mind to get the best light.

Your decision of buying a takkrona is a welcome decision. It reveals that you have a good understanding of interior designing but you need to consider some factors to get a matching light. First thing you should look into a lamp is its design. No doubt that you would by an attractive piece but make sure it doesnt overwhelm the overall dcor of the room, it is set in.

You have to keep the interior of your home in mind, when selecting a ceiling light. Also you have to determine whether you would use ceiling light selectively or liberally all over the home. For instance you can choose to decorate your living room with ceiling light and use regular wall mounted sconces in other rooms. Or you can fill your home with bright light by installing ceiling lamps in every room.

A takkrona is forever. If it is a quality lamp then it isnt going to lose its glory in its life. A quality lamp is a handmade light. Designed and decorated by experience hands, handmade fittings look wear unique look and feel. What makes handmade lamps unique? Trained artisans work from scratch to make a lamp. They select metal bars, make prisms and then arrange the crystals on the metal bars. Crystals are selected manually to prevent substandard prisms from becoming a part of a beautiful lamp.

You can buy a takkrona for every room in your home and

Jul 09

Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home With Quality Interior Design Services

Many of you will agree on the fact that the interior decoration offers an exceptional view to any area of the house. It doesnt matter whether it is a cramped room or a sophisticated area, the perfectly matched carpet, tiles decor and furniture will transform your area into relaxing and spacious. Today, the market of quality interior design services revolves around the fine art of creativity and awesome craftsmanship, thus it would not be wrong to say that it serves the best to produce revolutionary results.

There is no denying on the fact that the overall looks of a well crafted house actually reflects the personality of an individual. And no one likes to create a shoddy impression on everyone. Thus, if you are interested in changing the looks of your home in order to create an impression on the viewers or want to increase the comfort for yourself, then one should go for the reliable service provider available in the market with complete care and attention. And if you are in a hurry to have these reliable designing services for your home, then one can also take the help from the internet.

With the help of internet you can find some of the leading service providers that give high standard of floors as well as interior service to all the home owners. Their reliable efforts and hard work will help you to enhance the overall looks of your home and attain the latest design at an affordable cost. These professionals with their services will help you to explore some of the high qualities of incomparable carpet, laminates and vinyl for your home. These professionals also allow you to shop for the imported and domestic tiles from some of the excellent galleries that feature the best designs and styles.


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